Sunday, February 10, 2008

Picture of Sunset Behind Our Neighbor's Trees

This is my first attempt at adding a photograph to this blog. I was hoping to put it into the previous post, but ... oh well.

I have the program, Picasa, on this computer, so I just selected a picture in there and hit the "Blog This" button. That took me (after signing in to Blogger) to a screen where I could choose the position of the picture within the post. Then it goes to an entry screen, where I'm typing these words. Quite simple.

In the future, however, I'll do a little doctoring to the picture first. This one would look better if it was cropped a bit.

The picture itself is of a beautiful sunset seen from outside our house. Nearly every evening I look at that scene with a sense of awe. It's always a little different and always glorious. Unfortunately, I've never caught that amazing beauty in a photograph. (And I've tried!) I guess it's just one of those things where "you had to be there".
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