Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Decided To Start Me A Personal Blog!

I've been thinking that a personal blog would be good for me ... so, by George, I just did it!

On this blog I can just write whatever comes to me. I don't plan to worry about staying on any particular theme. I won't worry about literary merit. I don't really expect much of anybody to read it. I doubt that any deep philosophical insights will come to light here. I'm doing it for fun and purely to suit myself.

This is a particularly stressful time in my life ... (now that I think about it, haven't they all been pretty stressful?) But this is another of those transitional periods and this blog will give me a place to reflect and vent (probably a lot of that).

I've been keeping a diary or journal for fifty years. I started when I was about eight. So this is the same principle in a different medium. I'll probably dip into the old journals and do some reminiscing here from time to time. Little by little, the bittersweet story of my life will get summarized in these pages. (Unless I get bored by the process and let it slide. That's always possible too. But, hey, this is my blog "for the fun of it" and I hereby give myself permission to drop it like a hot potato the moment it ceases to amuse me!)

So ... so far, this has been fairly fun. But I do actually have some work to do today. We'll continue this later.

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