Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mama's Reminiscence

Today is Mama's 89th birthday. She was reminiscing about her younger days.

About when she was square dancing at age 18 and her partner swung her off the floor and her feet slipped halfway out of her high heels and she didn't know if she could hit the ground a'running or not. (But she did.)

And about the day the stock market crashed -- it was on her birthday and she was a freshman in high school. And how, at that time, she and her friend, Evelyn, would buy hamburgers for lunch for 10 cents each. They'd buy a bottle of pop for 5 cents and ask for two glasses.

And how, when she and Daddy were married (ages 19 and 21 respectively), they paid their employees 20 cents per hour. (At that time, Daddy was already an established orchard man and fruit packer.)

I love to hear her tell those things. It's all so clear in her memory and she makes me feel almost like I can see it.

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Jessica said...

I wish I could have been there for her birthday... hopefully I'll make it down tomorrow. I thought Grandma was 9 when the stock market crashed.

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