Sunday, July 6, 2008


SACRAMENTO, CA - FEBRUARY 1:  SPCA worker Lisa...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeRosie is a funny little cat. She bites, but not hard -- just little love bites. She's almost perfectly round and she snores. She has chubby little cheeks and is very soft. She used to be Tom's, but when he died, she came to live with me.

She likes to taste people's thumbs. (I suppose just a little taste to decide whether she wants to bite it or not ...) She throws up every day all over everything. Makes a big mess. Sheds, too. She doesn't like other cats. Her real name is "Rosebud", but I always call her "Rosie". Mainly she sleeps all day. Sometimes she runs around the apartment like a Tasmanian Devil. She knocks things off my desk, then plays with my pens until they are irretrievably lost. She plays in her water dish, making a big puddle on the kitchen floor.

She only eats "Hairball Formula" catfood. It helps with the throwing up a little, but not much.

When I get ready to go to sleep, I turn off the light and turn onto my side. She climbs on top of me and settles into the curve between shoulder and hip. Then she purrs me to sleep.

She's a pain in the neck, but I guess I'll keep her. (By the way, that picture is not really her ... and not really me either.)
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